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Common Questions asked.....

General Portrait Session Info

What should we wear?
You should wear what you feel comfortable in and enables you to feel your best. For a more in depth explanation, please check out my What to Wear Guide for portrait photography sessions.

Can I bring friends or family?
Absolutely, sometimes this helps in a look that is needed for your photos as some friends or family can make suggestions other then what I am trying to accomplish. This also helps to allow you to be relaxed and enjoy the show!

Where do we have our session?
Sessions can be in your home, a nearby park or your favorite Raleigh/Durham landmark. The weather in the Triangle area is usually pretty good… Please plan on having your session outdoors. Weather permitting, we will absolutely canvas the area to create beautiful outdoor images to compliment the session.

What do you charge for a portrait session?
A session ranging from 1 - 2 hours begins at $150. See pricing for more information.

Do you offer styling or make-up services?
Absolutely. This service will cost extra but the majority of the time it is not needed.

Do you offer a range of products such as albums, canvas and specialty products?
Yes! There are many options for custom prints to order. Canvas, Metallic prints, specialty items can be ordered also like keychains, IPhone cases and other items are available. Please email for more details if needed

Will we receive the digital files?
The packages include the hi-res digital files and low resolution quality with watermark will be sized and ready for social media use.

Our session rocked and I can’t wait to see the pictures… When can I see them?
Images will be presented online within 7 days in a photo proofing gallery available for downloads or print ordering. A password and email link will be provided for you and whoever else you would like to view the pictures. these are your photos you paid for and you can do what you want with them.

Do you do online or in-person sales?
I prefer to meet my clients in person, but am ultimately flexible to accommodate what works best for you.

Is there a place online where we can direct Aunt Fran and Uncle Dale to get some prints they’re interested in?
Absolutely, the online proofing gallery is available within a few days for download or purchase. A password and email link will be given.

Maternity Session Info

An ideal time for a maternity session is 28-34 weeks. That way, you have that nice round baby bump without feeling too uncomfortable during your session. Tight solid tops are nice to show off your bump, but feel free to bring/wear a variety of styles because you will be glowing in anything you have on! Be prepared for some light walking around the location to make use of the surroundings in order to get nice photos. If you are unable to move around effectively then we can limit the photo shoot to one specific location if needed.

Weather can be a factor also, please plan on dressing for the weather of the day and bring some water and a snack if you can. You never know what you might need to get you through a 1 hour session. 

Newborns and Babies

Newborn photography is best done in your home, If necessary, studio equipment will be brought to your house in order to capture more formal photos but most can be done in the natural surrounding of your home using natural lighting.

New babies can be unpredictable so it is hard to know how they will be during the session, but don’t let this worry you. I will be patient with you and your baby, and work with your baby’s schedule to make sure your little one feels relaxed and content during the session. If you need to feed, or rock your baby, go ahead!. I will get the job done if it takes 3 hours.  Feel free to use any props you would like in the photos. Blankets, hats, headbands, buckets, baskets, fabric, rugs, etc. I'll be glad to bring extra props if you would like a variety to choose from, just let me know before the session.  Newborn sessions are usually done between 7-14 days after birth.

Toddlers and Older Children

Try not to stress about your child’s behavior or worry about them not smiling. I will do anything, including standing on my head, to get a laugh or crack a smile. It is all about fun and getting onto the child’s level-literally and figuratively. I like to make that connection before I start photographing so your child feels comfortable and natural. I am all about capturing their unique personalities so just sitting and saying “cheese” will most likely not happen during the sessions unless you would like the classic posed family picture. Have fun and enjoy your session and your children will enjoy it too! Props are always welcomed, whether it’s an antique chair or even boas and tutus. Props will also keep young children focused, happy and give them a sense of control if they can choose a prop to use.

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