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UNC - Chapel Hill, NC

UNC Campus - photographer in Chapel Hill, NC

I stopped by the UNC campus one winter afternoon when the weather was fairly mild for a winters day. The UNC campus is beautiful with it's historic buildings and campus atmosphere. 

Sunset Lake - Holly Springs, NC

Sunset lake nature - photographer in holly springs, NC

I stopped by Sunset Lake one day when the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful out I had a few minutes to spare on my way to pick up my kids for dinner on a Wednesday late afternoon. I was hesitant at first as to where to park my car because the park is private and they don't allow non residents of Sunset lake to park around there. I wound up parking in the neighborhood behind the park for about an hour to go snap some pictures and hoped I would not get towed or get a ticket. The pictures below are just a few of my favorites that I took for the day there.

Bond Park - Cary, NC

Bond Park nature - photographer in Cary, NC

Bond Park is pretty close to where i live in Cary. I go there frequently to sit near the dock and relax to take a break from work. I also take my kids there on occasion for hikes and any events that are happening in the park. I often take my camera to photograph some of the wildlife there during the afternoons. I don't inundate my kids with pictures when I take them as they are there to walk and enjoy the day. I was lucky enough to one day have my younger daughter want to take some pictures of the birds but this didn't last too long as she was off to other things. There are many families of ducks and birds there that hang out near the dock by the clubhouse and it is real easy to take pictures as they are close by. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Downtown Raleigh - Church

church - photographer in Cary, NC

I was walking around downtown Raleigh and snapped this picture of the Church of the Good Shepherd using my 8mm Fisheye lens. I was literally about 10 feet in front of the church as I was able to get the whole church in the picture. This is an HDR image which I switched over to black and white. The second picture i left in color for a different look. The Black and white gives it a different feel, a feeling of an aged authentic church. The detail is real nice here but the fisheye lens distorts the picture as it looks like one of those department store mirrors they have so you can see all around you.

Grandfather Mountain

Suspension Bridge - photographer in ralEigh, NC

A trip in March of 2013 to Grandfather Mountain produces this image as my friend took this HDR picture of me holding on the the bridge railing. I am deathly afraid of heights and i held on the the railing the whole way back and forth. I had to do a little editing to bring out the shadows and highlights with it being a sunny day and all but i was very happy with the results. The weather was beautiful also and yielded wonderful views of the mountain range in North Carolina. North Carolina is truly a wonderful place to live as you have the best beaches and mountains on the east coast. We took in some winery tours also during the trip. One winery in particular, Grandfather Winery was excellent. i was pleasantly surprised as I thought this wine was fantastic. I only drink red wines and am a partial wine snob so take my word for it the wine was very good. I wish I could find some locally here in Cary, NC but haven't found it yet. if anyone knows where to get it please email me I would appreciate it. email address ; (this goes to my Contact page if you click the link). By the way that is me in the photo!  :-)